Saturday, July 25, 2009

Right Now

Borrowed this from over at My Scrappy Life, a blog from Kristen Carter. thought it looked like a bit of fun... so here it is! TODAY July 25th 2009 Outside my's freezing and cars are going past... I am thinking... that I need to go to bed... 1253am again! where does the time go?? I am thankful health. With so many friends and family ill, I'm lucky not to have been struck with it yet... From the kitchen... This evening it was terribly unhealthy sausages and mashed potato. I am wearing... my pink pyjama bottoms with a black jumper (sweater) that has a nerdy quote embroidered on it... I am creating... trying to get my head around these darn charms... they didn't work as planned... back to the drawing board... I am going... to bed as soon as i finish this. I am reading... the bible. There is a first time for everything... I am hoping... to hear back about some of these jobs I have applied for. I am hearing... cars. outside. Around the house... I cleaned up today! so not much more to do! One of my favorite things... Coffee!

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