Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Scrapsketch #123

Been playing around with a few different projects over the last few days. trying to keep myself busy... But College has started today, so I will not have as much time... :-( but it is important that I do my college work. Tomorrow, I get to print some ridiculous amount of sheets (250+?) so that should be interesting! so tonight this is what I did after the family left after dinner... I did scrapsketch number 123... (hehe) I took these photos in May when I went into the city on a work 'field trip' we got to ride around on ferries, buses and trains all day... it sounds lame, but it was fun. This was taken on the way to Manly, it may only be 2hours from home, but its not somewhere I go very often... Anyway... On to the details... The entire layout was done using a kit called My Secret World. Unfortunately, I can't find anything to say where I got it from, and my memory sucks at 2am. I apologise, if anyone knows who created it, let me know so I can give them the credit they deserve for this great kit!

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