Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Craft Set-Up

Just wanted to share with you my newest craft set-up, that came together one sleepless night!
Ok. So this behemoth is a tv cabinet turned on its side with the shelving holding from the top - set of drawers which now holds all my offcuts or scraps, these are sorted by Stampin' Up! Colour Group, next to this is a small box that keeps some small off-cuts of patterned paper, and my bottle of baby oil for blending coloured pencils. The next shelf down holds large cut pieces of 12x12 patterned papers. The shelf below this holds uncut 12x12's and below that some SU! Catalogues and paper work. The bottom shelf holds 3 12x12 albums. On top of this all I have 2 expanding folders, one containers work stuff, the other SU! paperwork. The black box contains my SU! Inks and markers. The shelf coming off the side has a spinning rack, which I barely use, and the Christmas presents I've already wrapped. 
This is where the magic happens. It is a computer desk, with the pull out keyboard holder. On the desk is always, my Stampin' Scrub, jar of flowers, jar of buttons a container of pens and scissors, a box that holds my ribbons, a small bin (which I don't use much), snail adhesive and Stampin' Mist. I also have a halogen lamp, for when its getting dark, and the overhead light doesn't cut it. The cute giraffe pic in the background, is a painting done by my very talented best friend, and was a Christmas present last year. It has currently fallen off the hook that hangs it above my desk.  
This one is my newest acquisition, and was a birthday gift from my Nana. (She knows me so well!)The top two on the left hand side are draws which hold all the things that were once crowding my desk... Embossing powders, clear blocks, Big Shot accessories, Bling etc....The shelves below are colour coordinated A4 card stocks, which were previously in the set of drawers featured above. The right hand side holds more bits and pieces, a go to catalogue from SU!, envelopes, cello baggies, and my Scor-Pal. The bottom shelf fits my Big Shot perfectly!
All my Stamps are in a green dresser on the other side of the room, which is somewhat inconvenient, but I won't be changing it anytime soon, as there is no where to put the dresser at the moment... Maybe when we clear out the spare room, I will be able to take it over as a craft haven.... *happy thoughts*
So, this is my current setup! I'd love to see where you create!

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Anonymous said...

looks awesome Jess! Your very organised!

Love that craft caddy!

LMAO, Can you imagine if you have a whole room just for craft!? you wouldnt know what to do with yourself!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend1