Saturday, October 17, 2009

Who am I?

Another challenge for myself...  This one is from All About Me Challenge Blog
1. A small compartment or recess, as in a desk, for holding papers; a cubbyhole.
2. A specific, often oversimplified category.
3. The small hole or holes in a pigeon loft for nesting.

1. Placed or filed in a small compartment or recess.
2. claissified mentally; categorize.
3. Put aside and ignored; shelved.

For October's first challenge we'd like you to do a little thinking; a little soul searching and a little creation that's straight from the heart. We want to know -

Do you ever feel as though you've been pigeon-holed? Categorised? Labelled? Misunderstood? As though you've changed, but no-one else sees it? Who does everyone think you are? Who do you really think you are? Are they the same?

This was an incredibly hard, trying to think about how people perceive me, and how I perceive myself. I have always been the "happy person" that everyone knows. So this is my layout...

The tiny journaling reads: " I am supposed to be the happy one, the person everyone turns to for fun, and laughs...  But, my emotions run deep, I have my days where all I want to do is sit in a corner and cry, to be the person everyone thinks I am."
I used papers from Betsy Tuma, Eloquent Autumn, the flower is from MerryAnn Wise and the stitching is from Hero Arts, Stitched Border. All which are available at twopeas.


janis said...

i soooo can relate with your journaling. love your take on the challenge. thanks for sharing this layout with us over at aam!!!

Miranda said...

Thanks for sharing this with us! Such a heartfelt journaling. Hug for you!

lisa westphal said...

Hi. .
I followed your link from AAM. LOVE your layout. So honest. Good for you. . .and it's good to hear that I'm not alone when I have those kinda days too. :) Great job!

Clair said...

Beautiful. Love the journalling and your take on the sketch. Thanks so much for playing along x

Joyce said...

Hi Jess, I am liking your color choices- for me they inhance your journaling. You did good. Happy happies.