Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year in Review

I've seen around lately, people doing a yearly recap, their favourite projects of the year. So, I thought I would join the crowd, and show you my favourite projects of 2010! It's also a good way to see how I've progressed in the short time period!
January: This was a new purchase for me in January, the Hero Arts coffee cup. I fell in love with the simplicity.
February:  This card has to be one of my favourites! I love the colour combo, the real stitching and Thickers!
March: Was the time I made the card that was published in November, this was not it, but this has to be my favourite of a busy month!
April: April was a fairly quiet month on the blog front, but there were some winning cards and layouts... this one is my favourite out of the selection. I love the window look that was created using Vellum
May: May was a REALLY quiet month, only 3 postings.... Oh right... that was when I met Mark... that's why it was so quiet... 
June: June, we got Toby! My favourite project of the month was this one, which was a card for my best friend
July: I moved in with Mark and our cats, and got some real space for my crafting. I made this card not long before moving, and it is still floating around in my room, waiting for a recipient. 
August: This one was my little sisters birthday card. I was tossing up between this one, and a scrap layout, but had to go this one, purely for the colouring, which I had perfected on this card
September: I made a lot of cards in September, although, I don't like many of them... I think I lost my mojo in September.... 
October: October was a very productive month, with lots of projects that I liked, yay for mojo being back! 
November: November was the big push towards Christmas cards for me, but there were still a lot of birthday cards, thank you cards etc. This card, I showed to Mark, and he loved.... so, I gave it to him
December: December has been fairly full on. Surprisingly, not so many Christmas cards... I think this one has to be my favourite of December. This card was originally going to be my big sisters birthday card. Instead, I popped it with some of my other cards and gave them to her as part of her present. 
I'd love to see your top picks of 2010!
Have a fabulous new year, and I will see you in 2011.

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Anonymous said...

gorgeous cards Jess, been so nice seeing your stuff all year long, heres to the next one!!!