Wednesday, December 29, 2010

4 Things Meme....

I was tagged in this by Annmaree of Emu Creations, so thought I'd pass it on.
4 shows that I watch:
Glee (which drives Mark nuts!)
Iron Chef - Japan
4 things I'm passionate about:
crafting, family, friends and my pets.
4 words/phrases I use alot:
Balls! Thats the way! Have Fun! Tom and Tobes... I generally speak in exclamations... hehe
4 things I have learned from the past:
Listen to my mum...
I have the best friend in the world!
I can do anything if I set my mind to it.
My cat Toby, can and will hide in the most ridiculous spots, and freak us all out.
4 things you are looking forward to:
Getting back to uni next semester...
Meeting my newest niece or nephew
Falling in love.
Figuring out what I want in my life.
4 things I did yesterday:
Picniced at Walka Water Works
Self guided tour at Maitland Gaol
Made a card.
4 things I love about Winter:
Enjoying long hot showers
Snuggling in bed with my cat and hot water bottle
Keeping warm
The cooler weather
4 Places I would like to visit:
Back to Japan
Now to pass this on to 4 people:
Andrea - EnchantInk
Karen - KareN stampZ
Tracey - Tracey Hanshaw
Sue - Sue Poile


Anonymous said...

awesome to hear about you, love the new blog look too!!!!

I often speak in exclamation points too! hehehe

Have Fun!

Tracy said...

Its fun to learn new things about my blogging friends.

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Hello Jess!
Thanks for sharing this tag with me. It has been fun reading about YOU ... and I have added my list to my blog today!
Hugs xxaxx


hey lady, thanks for tagging me, and it was great to know a little more about you. I played along check it out here: