Friday, March 26, 2010

Its 4am

And what am I doing? Making Christmas Cards... need I mention it is only March!?! Yeah... I'm a little nuts...
I bought this stamp with my Christmas money from last year, it's been patiently sitting its it wrapper til I get round to opening it and starting Christmas cards... When I first saw it, I thought it was so clever! I'm one of those people who refuses to buy Christmas cards in Australia, that have snowmen on them... It's just not my idea of Christmas. So when I saw this stamp by Stamp-It I just had to have it!

Oh yeah, the tree was originally stamped on some white watercolour paper, and it was going to be mounted that way, but I didn't like how it came out. So,I stamped the image a second time, on yellow card stock, fussy cut all the garments out and stuck them on the yellow... I pop dotted a few garments to add dimension...(Did I mention I'm nuts?)
And here is the dimensional detail of the card


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the insomnia, but at least crafting helps!

LOVE this, great stuff really adore it, and love the 3d effect. couldn't agree more about the wintery theme ones too hehe

Tracy said...

Ya your nuts. I wouldn't fussy cut that much on one card LOL.
Love how it turned out though.