Thursday, February 18, 2010

Post 100... a few small things...

So, this is what post 100 looks like... (",)
Just a few small things to post about, one being that my mum and dad are going to Hiroshima, Japan in May, so after discussing it with mum, we have decided to put together the 1000 paper cranes to go to the Hiroshima Peace Park. I've been busily working on cranes, and have done over 150 so far... here is a quick photo of 50 of the ones that I have done at home
I love how it doesn't look like 50 at all. back in 2004/2005, Mum, my exchange sister Ako, and I made 1000 paper cranes to give to my Dad before he had a massive back operation. So, I know I can do it!

The second thing I wanted to share with you, was a picture of one of my favourite meals to cook and eat. It is Curry. This is a vegetarian version, I have made to share with my bible study friends tonight. Each Thursday, we meet at the local church, each bringing something to share (generally vegetarian.) It is something I enjoy, as it makes me stretch my boundaries, I'm not used to cooking vegetarian meals... so, I am expanding my repertoire.  I have put potato, carrot, zucchini, broccoli and chick peas in it, with lots of herbs and spices, coconut milk and vegetable stock.

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Anonymous said...

OH WOW those cranes look fabulous, way to go hun! What a great thing to do, and YUMMERS that curry looks yummy too!

BEST WISHES with everything!