Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good Day

So i've had a pretty awesome day! I had a job interview at a cafe in Stockton, Newcastle.It is a truely beautiful part of the world. Anyway, I went to the interview, made a few coffees, felt it went well. I went back across the harbor to Newcastle, was getting something to eat, and got a call (it must have been under half an hour since I had left) It was the owner asking me to come in on Sunday for a full day trial!!! So of course I am going.... I am going to Brenton's parents place on Saturday and get to the cafe before 7am on Sunday morning.... So I'm really excited... I have missed the coffee industry and working in general... Anyway, on with tonights craft project. Another digital Scrap project, thanks once again go to website for their awesome sketches, this is number 136. And another photo of Maggie. This time when she was just a little pup... I decided on the colour scheme because mum has made her two dog sweaters, one in tan, the other in hot pink.... The photo was originally a whole lot darker, which was annoying... Most of everything came from a pack called Coffee Rose which can be downloaded Here

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