Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Another Sketch Down. I found these photos of my sister and future brother in law (Manda and Tim) and thought they were beautiful! So here they are, all done on a page for them. Unconciously (or perhaps not) I have used their wedding colours! Scrapsketch once again from the blog (unfortunately obsessed) I figure I will have to slow down when Uni starts on the 27th so I may as well get as many done as possible while i have the time! I couldn't find a title I really liked, and to me it looked finished... so I didn't bother with a title. Let me know what you think? I got bored and did another one... so i figured I'd just edit this post. This one features our cat Baylee all dressed up in a purple and green knitted jumper and he totally doesn't look impressed by his newest fashion trend (to say the least!) It at least kept us entertained for a while! Yeah another one! this is about a little rabbit I found abandoned down at the train station (its quite away from anything so he didn't escape from someones home) I asked the guards what to do with him, they told me they couldn't keep it... so I took him home... shot this photo (which i really like BTW.) the next few days he spent keeping friends and family company. Then we found someone who wanted a pet rabbit. I would have loved to have kept the little fella but living in apartments, I couldn't. So he is now at a family friends house with some children to keep him company! I used the free kits that I found here A cute little scrapbooking site that goes by the name of Polka Dot Potato (i mean WTH?) hehe Anyway, I believe it is bed time... *yawn*

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