Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Sketch Down.

This was my inspiration for tonights (or should I say early morning Scrapping) I decided to scrap some pictures my parents took from a wine tour they went on. There wasnt much journaling space, so here is the full story! At the time, I was working at a call centre, they had a raffle, first prize was a home theatre system, second prize was a weekend away. I entered the raffle, for the pure reason that I wanted second prize. I entered... the day of the raffle arrived, I said to one of the girls i worked with that i was going to win that prize.She rolled her eyes and told me "you're dreaming." I was on a phone call when the raffle was drawn, so I wasn't paying attention. Next thing I know I hear "Jessica D has one second prize" I put the customer on mute and *squeed* Unbelievable! I had won! I gave the trip to my parents for their 25th wedding Anniversary. They stayed at The Australia Hotel, in Cessnock then were taken on an all day Wine Tour the following day! They had an absolute ball, and came home with a few bottles of wine and some port. Now... onto the actual page... I used Latte Skies by Rebecca B, she has some beautiful digital kits. I also used Long Summer Days and Be Happy from Polka Dot Potato Took me a while to figure out how to get rid of the annoying time\date stamp that mums camera automatically attaches, but I found this helpful tutorial on it. Once again, thankyou for the ScrapSketch Challenge... I had to get motivated to do this one, been consumed in card making... hehe

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Steph said...

Great job!!! :]