Friday, November 26, 2010

Just Add Ink & Case Study

Hi! Last night we had a bit of a scare, on of my darling cats got out of the house. Now it doesn't sound like a big deal, but we live on a very busy main road that constantly has trucks travelling along at 80km/h. So, both my boys are indoor cats. Someone in the house accidently left a door open into a room that doesn't have fly screens on the windows, so, out he popped. We didn't realise until there was a cat fight out by the back door (which we don't use at all) So, we had a look round, did a head count, and freaked out. Toby was missing. We spent a good hour walking around the outside of the house, along the road, and through the back yard, looking for my little man. We didn't find him, and figured there was very little we could do as it was nearing 130am, and he is an awesome hider, so we put his food bowl at the front door and hoped for the best.
This morning, I woke up suddenly to the sound of screeching tires. I freaked out and got up. My house mate was already up and had put the cat food bowl at the back door. As she walked passed, on her way to her room, she noticed that Tommy was paying a lot of attention to the back door. She could see Tobys nose peeking under the door! She told me to go round the side of the house and see if I could pick him up, and bring him in. Meanwhile, she opened the back door, and Toby just waltzed right in... as if nothing had happened! He is one very lucky kitty! The lesson we have learnt is that all doors must be secured, and a head count should be done more often! 
Anyway, enough about my puss cats. On to the card...
I made this for the JAI Sketch and for the Case Study Challenge
I loved the colours in Heathers card, and the flower images are beautiful! So, I've tried to replicate the colours and overall feeling of the card... I don't know that I succeeded, but I like my card.... 
Don't forget, there is only 4 days to enter my Blog Candy!


Anonymous said...

OH NO, My cat did that once, he actually ran out the house when we were coming in, in a split second he ran off up the street after another cat! Which he never does, and we Spent hours looking for him, cos he's a indoor cat too plus he has medical problems (liver problem and epilepsy!) so we were sure something bad might happen. anwyays 4 o'clock the next morning heard a big meowing at the front door and here he is at the door waiting to come on in! So even if they don't get out, they know where their home is!

Have fun with your rascals!

I love this card, awesome flowers!!!

Amanda said...

You tell a good story. :) My heart rate is still very high from reading about your cat - a happy ending though, thank goodness. I love your card - great combo of the two challenges. Thanks for playing at Just Add Ink! xx

Sandra said...

Glad to hear that Toby made it home safe and sound. My cat, Molly, has a habit of lying in our driveway and when you drive into it she lazily takes her time to slowly move out of the way little by little. Much to my distress about 6 years ago I even run over her in the garage because I didn't see her! You would have thought that she had learnt her lesson after that!

Lovely card. Those roses are really pretty.

Rebecca said...

Know that feeling Jess! Whenever Cleo manages to escape we all freak out! And as for your card, both Eb and I really like it!

Aimes said...

Gosh I'm glad your Cat is OK! Love a story with a happy ending!
I also love the dimension on your card with those flowers cut out! Fabulous!
Thanks so much for joining us on CASE study!

Sue Kohler said...

I am so glad there was a happy ending to this story and a great lesson learned without an injury or accident! beautiful card, love the colour combination and the fabulous flowers! thanks for sharing at CASE study this week! :)

Paula said...

Glad to hear your wee Cat came home! Nothing worse than losing a beloved animal.

Love your interpretation of the Sketch and card. Your flowers are lovely, and I like how they spill outside the square. Thanks for palying at JAI!

Andrea Ewen said...

Glad kittie is safe at home! That is scary!
Your card is beautiful, I love the wonderful flowers and the fabulous craft ink sentiment on the Kraft background...very striking! Thanks for playing along with us at CASE Study challenges!

Iwona Palamountain (Chupa) said...

I'm glad that your kitty is alright! Your card is lovely, love the popped up flowers :) Thank you for joining us this week!